How to overcome the language barrier to play Japanese games on your PS4



There are many free Japanese Games for PS4 that are not available in the US because of licensing conflicts. They still can be played if you can make it through a few obstacles such as the language barrier. This article will tell you how you can play free Japanese games on your PS4 by teaching you the basics of machine translation and the acquiring of free Japanese games for Play Station 4.


Translation is easy while using a PC. There is a google chrome built in page translator that can be used. Japanese anti spam mechanisms can make it hard to get your hands on the free games especially for those who are unfamiliar with Japanese characters. You cannot by pass them but they can be dealt with using the google translate application. There are some text that cannot be translated using the google translate website. If you are facing such a situation then open up the google translate app in your tablet or smartphone.

You have to first change the configuration settings to Japanese-English. After that, press the camera icon and hold your phone up to the text. Take a picture then rub your finger on the text. Googles optical recognition engine will translate the text for you if the photo is clear. There is a chance that the character is not translatable through the explained process as the character is too obscure for Googles optical recognition. This could mean that you get stuck at a CAPTCHA. In this case, use the handwriting recognition option of google translate. It will be really helpful if you use a touchscreen device and a digital pen. Draw the character you see with your own hand then copy the converted text into the CAPTCHA.

Japanese account

Now that you know how to by pass translation related problems, it is time for you to get a Japanese Sony Entertainment Network account or SEN. Go to the account creation page to choose Japan as your country. You will then see that the page has reloaded with a lot of Japanese text. You will be able to translate it with the technique we discussed using translation tools. Fill in the forms as best as you can then, click on the reCAPTCHA check box.

Manually copy the CAPCHA instructions into Google Translate and then click on the photos that best fit the descriptions. Agree to the terms of services and submit the form. After this you will have to verify your email. Once you get an email from Sony, confirm it. The next step is to assign a username for PSN by going to your profile. You need to enter a valid Japanese address. Start with the postal code then use the blue “Address search” button. It fills in most of the form. Decline to the add a credit card option to finally use your active Japanese SEN account.

Free Japanese PS4 games

You have managed to overcome the obstacle of language and got your self a SEN account. Now it is time to finally get some free Japanese games to play. Log into your Japanese account in the Play Station Store. Then use google translate to find what should translate to “Basic free-to-play”. PS3 and Vita games can be filtered out by selecting the PS4 check box. If you click the add to cart option a menu will appear.

You will be able to add games that you want to play to your cart. There is a light gray button that allows you to continue browsing and a dark gray button that will let you see games in your cart. Press the light gray button. It roughly “translates to Advance to purchase procedure”. You will be able to access the games that cost 0 yen in a confirmation screen. The games have now been added to your account. Enjoy playing your free Japanese PS4 games.


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