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Known brands in India don’t necessarily need to have a long past of operation with a laudable amount of success. Probably a decade ago, this could have been the scenario. In this digital age, with newer ideas being formed, tried, and tested every day, there is a plethora of products and services, especially in the Computers and Technology sector. Accountable for almost 67% of the US$ 125 billion Information Technology market, India is among the world’s prime sourcing destination. You would get the same products and services in India for almost 3-4 times cheaper than in the US, or any other developed nation.
Listed here are few of the top Indian brands with their products and services explained

Tata Indicom – by Tata Group

Tata operates in various domains. In terms of capitalization and revenue, their product Tata Indicom’ carries a huge chunk in the market. With great network, customized offers, and Wi-Fi access, Tata Indicom opens up a world of communications for consumers.

Reliance Communications – by Reliance

A flagship body of the Reliance Group, Reliance Communications is one of the leading mobile phone service providers, and a competitor of Tata, in India. They offer services with data services, broadband, national and international long distance calling services at cheaper rates.

Finnacle – by Infosys

One of the largest Information Technology services company, Infosys developed a core banking product called Finnacle. Addressing the wide areas of core banking, mobile banking, e-banking, wealth management, Finnacle achieves operational efficiencies and enhances customer experience partnering with banks not just in India or Asia, but other banks in about 73 countries.

Lava – Mobile phones

This company is committed to make in India’. With an in-house R&D set up in India and China, this company has a wide portfolio of products ranging from feature phones and smart phones to tablets with various models targeting different segments of the market. Lava has bagged many awards for their products and was also acknowledged as the most sought-after brand in after-sales service and product quality.

tphone, tbook, tron.x – by Smartron

An upcoming brand in the Indian Computers and Technology sector, this company is ready to take huge risks, build real platforms and products to deliver outstanding products for their customers. They have come up with three products. tphone’, a smart phone that matches its competitors when it comes to durability, configuration, and style. tbook’, powered by the Intel core M processor, the tbook is a complete workstation capable to handle high performing apps with low power consumption. ‘tron.x’, offers a unique experience built on the world of Internet of Trons’, which includes tstore, tcloud, and tcare. Tron.x offers instant access to your content, data, profile, cloud, care and other IoT devices.
The road ahead for Indian brand products and services in the Computers and Technology sector is promising. Having proven its proficiencies in products and services to global clients, evolving technologies offer a whole new scope of opportunities for India. Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud being in the forefront, IT products and services offered by India could not have been more attractive. When it comes to shopping in India, there is a lot to more to find out.

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