How to check weather forecast from Firefox browser anytime


Rain is finally here in USA , atmosphere is chilling after log hot summer… and you are feeling awesome… suddenly you get an idea to roam around your town eat some tasty street food 😉 . But you don’t know that today it will rain or not? You go and start checking rain status but you don’t find any reliable information. Don’t worry I am here to help you only. Today I will show you how to check weather forecast from Firefox browser anytime for free, just follow the steps.

How to check weather forecast from Firefox browser anytime for free

Requirements :

  • You need Firefox browser
  • You need an active Internet connection.

Step 1. Go to Firefox addon page.

Click on the address bar and type about:addons or press Ctrl + Shift + A and then press Enter.

Step 2. Get the Addon.

Now you will see addons page and on the right hand corner (top) you will see a search bar. Click on that and type Weather Underground (Forecast Plus) and hit Enter. Click on the first search result and click on Add to Firefox button. This will download the addon and will install it. Make sure you select the addon which is developed by Alexis Jacksone.

Step 3. Checking weather forecast.

Once that addon is installed you will see a weather icon on top right corner of your browser just like the image below.This icon will automatically show current weather information like shown in the above image. Now click on that icon and you will see the weather forecast and other information.


This weather forecast is been really reliable for me and for my friends too. Not only this addon shows you todays weather forecast accurately it also shows the next 10 days forecast when you scroll down.


This addon proves how technology can help us and make our life better. There are some other weather forecast addons too, but the problem with them is they do not have the global reach and this addon is the best for the Firefox.

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