Neobux.Com Scam or Legitimate? Complete Review

on is a legitimate PTC website which gives the common users an opportunity to earn some online money. Many users try to know about Neobux that either it is a scam or legitimate one. If you are one of those, then know about it here that Neobux is not a fraudulent website and it is real. It really pays for your work but it is also a fact that to generate a decent income through Neobux is not so easy.
You need to dedicate a lot of time there to earn some money. It still works well for those, who don’t give up initially and keep working with Neobux. On the passage of time, your earnings increase by increase in your experience, your referrals and your proper dedication.
 Neobux was launched in 2008 as PTC website in the market. It gradually attracted the people towards it who were searching for easy online earning methods. Now the website receives a good amount of traffic and it is operating successfully. Some important details about the website are listed below:
  • Website age: 9 years (till april 2017)
  • Alexa traffic rank: 118 (april 2017)
  • Visitors per day: 312,900
  • Registered members: 20,329,152 (till april 2017)
  • Website’s estimated daily revenue: $51,629 USD
Now lets talk about how to earn money from Neobux. Neobux gets advertisements from interested advertisers and charges them for it. Now if someone wants to earn money with Neobux, he/she can signup there. Membership is both free and paid. Paid members earn more. After joining the network, members need to perform different tasks there for which they are paid.
Mainly, the tasks are to view the advertisements for a specific time interval and Neobux shares the revenue, paid by advertisers to Neobux for promoting their products, with the member. Members can further buildup their earnings by referring others into the network also.
Who Needs Neobux?
Neobux is for those, who are less-skilled in computers, in web designing and blogging etc. If you can’t do anything well other than browsing the web, then Neobux is an opportunity for you where you can utilize your time to generate revenue from it. If you keep browsing the only as a hobby or interest, then I’ll recommend you Neobux, which can pay you for just seeing the ads and referring others.
Does Neobux Really Pay?
Yes, Neobux really pays. It is not a fake website as we discussed earlier. The minimum limit for first payout is 2$ which gradually increases and after a specific interval of time, you can withdraw a minimum sum of 10$. Once your earnings reach 2$ for the first time, you can request for payout by one of the methods (PayPal, Payza) and get instantly paid.
Is Neobux Best Earning Option?
Not at all, Neobux is not recommend as the best online earning option. As all PTC websites require a lot of time but the earnings at them are always very low if compared with your efforts. If you are a basic user and can’t follow the alternate online earning ways, then you may generate a small income with Neobux, but if you are interested in a better and easy online earning method, you can read this post, which will help you in building a decent income easily. Hope you will like it.

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