Is LastPass password manager The Last Password You’ll Have To Remember?


s we spend more time doing more and more things online, we begin to collect a lot of passwords and different sets of login credentials.

Whether it’s your bank, PayPal, eBay, your website, Twitter, Facebook, or any of the other dozens of sites you need to access with a password, it can become a little overwhelming to keep up with this information.

Sure, today’s browsers can store a lot of this information for you, but they’re not the most secure solution available.

After a month of using LastPass, I’m finding the company’s claim that LastPass is “the last password you’ll have to remember” to be true more and more every day.

LastPass is one of several available “password managers”.  There are dozens of these in the marketplace with other notable providers being RoboForm and PassPack.

Naturally, your first question should be about security.  And LastPass addresses that here.  Sure, every company can claim they’re the most secure solution out there, but I think the LastPass solution’s combination of local and online data usage helps a lot in this area.

What I really like about LastPass is that it works across all platforms.  I have been using it on a PC for business and a Mac for personal use and it works equally well on both systems.  It also works well in different browsers — I’ve used it daily in IE and Firefox.

You can even have LastPass generate strong passwords for you on the fly:


Like many of the other password managers, LastPass can store one or multiple profiles which can be used to fill out online forms.  And you can have multiple sets of credentials for each website you visit in case you find it necessary to login under more that one identity.

LastPass also does a great job of keeping itself up to date so you don’t have to bother with synchronizing settings or files across different computers or browsers.

LastPass come in a free and Premium version.  I’ve been using the free version and haven’t run into any limitations.  However, if you want to pay a very affordable $12 annual fee, you get a couple of additional bells and whistles which are outlined here.

So if you’d like some help keeping up with all those passwords you need to juggle as you navigate online, LastPass might be just what you’re looking for.

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