Top 5 Websites To Check Speed Of Website


Speed of website is important feature from SEO and ranking point of view. Poor speed means less conversion rate and less traffic. If you are website or blog owner you must be looking for website or tools to measure speed of your website. In this post I will be discussing about 5 Website to check speed of website.
5 Websites to check speed of website

(1) GTmetrix

GTmetrix is very popular website to measure speed of website. To measure speed using GTmetrix you just need to input your website URL for analysis. On clicking of GO Speed test of your website will start.

On completion of test it will display page speed grade and page load time. Ideal page load time should be less than 3 seconds. Apart from page speed it will also displays recommendation. You will able to see timeline and history.

You can download this report including recommendation in PDF format.

(2) Pingdom

Pingdom Speed test is second website to check speed of website. Similar to GTmetrix you need to input your website URL for speed test. On clicking on Test Now test will begin.

On completion of test it will display load time and page size. It gives performance grade ranking and recommendation. It will also keep history. You can email this report.

(3) Google Page Speed

Google also gives wonderful facility to test speed of website. This website is similar to above website however it will display information about mobile speed loading also.

In suggestion summary you will get information about error and how to fix that. Apart from this it will also give information about Mobile User experience. You should fix all suggestion given here in order to improve your ranking and speed.

(4) Webpagetest

Webpagetest is another tool to find speed of website. This website gives facility to select server location and browser on which you need to carry out this test. In advance option you will find number of other options like connection type, speed, number of test to run etc.

Result display of webpagetest is quite informative it will not only give information about first view but also about second view. It also captures video which can be used for further analysis.

(5) PageScoring

PageScoring is simple tool to check speed of website. It will just ask website URL for testing to start test. After inputting URL you need to click on start test.

Result display of PageScoring is quite simple it gives information about page size, download time and page wise speed data.

Hope tools and website mentioned above will be useful to check and improve speed of your website.

Do share your views on above!

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