How to Select a Web Hosting Service Company


In the present scenario it is a daunting task to choose a web hosting company. There are literally thousands of web hosting companies to prefer from, each offering unparalleled set of combinations of web space, bandwidth, databases, asp, customer support etc. Some company’s trend us to entice customers with fancy offers on the assets like space and bandwidth. In return, however, most customers did not get satisfactory level services. In the hosting business, the client is at top most priority.

So now the question comes how one can choose the dreamed web hosting company? One must always suggest that the priority must be given by type and need of his/her website (whether for a company or personal). Is the database required? If so, what kind one prefers, MySQL or something else? Likewise, is PHP, CGI, ASP, or some other programming language needs additional support? These questions can come into play when one uses certain scripts into his/her own website. One must also consider the space of his/her website from future prospects. The same is applied for bandwidth, or transfer. One must secure enough space and bandwidth now so that he/she need not pay for extra services, in the future.

One should convey an important financial lesson in the topic of bandwidth and storage space concern. Although one should try to possess sufficient amount of both for a predictable future still there is no need to pay a huge sum for bandwidth and storage space which is not required. For instance, companies are providing 5+ GB and perhaps 100 GB of space and bandwidth respectively at a very fair cost. Now, one can easily find a nice 500MB / 20GB plan for only under $5 per month. One must know how much space and bandwidth he/she will require before searching for a host.

Numerous hosting companies are in the race of providing fascinating services. But it is not confirm to be the passport of providing best caring facility. One must look for a company having a good, honest support structure set up with a variety of support options: support tickets, live support chat, e-mail support, and perhaps phone support. If someone is considering about a particular web host, the best thing he/she can do to evaluate their support is via. an e-mail or open a support ticket and perceive the duration of response. It’s not a good sign if it extends to more than 24 hours.

The credibility of one’s web-hosting company can be easily measured just by looking on to its customer testimonials on its web page. One must contact at least one customer if his/her e-mail or website address is provided in the list and must know about their experiences with the given company. Google and Yahoo! Search engines can be useful if there is no testimonial provided to search the customer. Forums and other WebPages can also be used in customer feedback about one’s company. Several times, many customers use to share their experiences, either good or bad with hosting companies. Thus one can also ask from them their recommendations while selecting a web host and by this a third party can judge the credibility of his/her host also.

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